1 1 6 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 6 6 1 b
masses in any other European country besides England. This certainty of judgment
really astonished me. The effect of the strike was a very salutary one politically: the
Federal Council and the Federal Assembly, in a word, the almighty Liberals, got a
good shock, and the pace of introducing proportional elections and other legitimate
reforms was accelerated
on the other hand, the strike committee
was discredited and had to go, so its power was broken. Unfortunately, the flu has
taken very many victims again as a consequence of the large crowds. It’s uncanny
how this sickness is ravaging our little
How is it where you are?
It was only today that I was able to order the November package in
Sorry if it arrives a little late. The funds you had transferred to us for the packets
are used up now. Forgive me for reminding you of it, but we are—as usual—on the
rocks and would be very grateful if—provided you aren’t too badly off as a result—
you could send us another little sum.
Mama is coming to Lucerne again one of these days with Uncle
I have
to look for a room for her nearby, since our guest room is too cold and damp for her
in the winter. She is suffering a lot from rheumatism.
Affectionate regards to Elsa, the children, Uncle, and
Please write me
soon, at least a little card. Fond kisses from your
Paul just showed me that the German exchange rate is very
So don’t send any-
thing. Sooner or later it won’t be possible to send any more little packages anyway.
Vol. 8, 661b. From Paul Winteler
[Lucerne, 29 November
Dear Albert,
Enjoy the
It’s unlikely that you’ll gain back your former little
paunch as a result, and even less likely because envious spongers will try to win
your good graces. There are probably few sausage Croesuses like you anymore in
your surroundings, of course. I could almost wish that our Federal Council had de-
cided that Swiss citizens entitled to 5 kg be obliged to present themselves periodi-
cally for a weighing-in, to check whether they use it all for their own fortification
as well. Instead of that, it exports cattle, unfortunately not the largest, out of sheer
modesty. Otherwise, it’s quite tolerable here, practically everything can still be had
for money and we still do feel comparatively in clover in this land of political shep-
herd boys.
Michele is private lecturer at Zurich again
as we go there more often now,
he, little by little, is becoming the provider for our intellectual appetites. He is re-
ally cut out for private lecturing, but I would like to wish him a larger professional
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