V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 5 6 3 a 1 0 5
lake was available where one can trim one’s sails to the
Tell Elsa that I send
my heartfelt
and that there are excellent pastry shops in Lucerne with
many fine sweet things and I would pick out the best ones for her when you all
come. We can even get real butter fruit-loaf [Butterstollen] here
though others usually skim the cream off the milk.– Don’t let yourself be irritated
by the newspapers; it will go on for a couple more years, no doubt, and set off a
bang here and there, and yet we aren’t abandoning hope that eventually everything
will turn out well.
We read your last postcard of March 17th to Anna, but she misunderstood it, as
it seems, and Michele as well. She has constructed a link as though it were not her
letters to you, but our last one to you, in which we humorously described to you our
escapades in
that takes the blame for why you’re asking her not to write
to you
Hence, in her eyes, Maja is the patsy who is supposed to have
obstructed the affectionate correspondence between you and Anna. Oh, blessed
foolishness! You don’t need to come back to this misunderstanding with Anna and
Michele, since I’ve taken pains to set the matter straight. We naturally want to be
on good terms with Michele, and are, too; Anna is Hecuba to
she naturally
has quite some influence on Michele, though, as all wives do on mainly intellectu-
ally minded husbands.
The two of us are doing splendidly, I am frequently on mountain peaks and
therefore tanned like an Indian. Come and imitate me! Cord[ial] greetings,
Vol. 8, 563a. To Hugo A. Krüss
Berlin, 13 June
Highly esteemed Professor,
Many thanks for forwarding Eötvös’s letter as well as for the enclosed informa-
tion. I only needed the Eötvös letter to keep a man from the Academy from being
nominated who would become Krüger’s and Schweydar’s superior without any
other arguments possibly put forward in his favor besides purely professional
I also would consider Mr. Runge’s election the most welcome
to which my colleague
drew my attention.
In great respect, yours very sincerely,
A. Einstein.
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