V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 7 0 e 7 3
have been visiting with them for any length of time; so you should shut a medical
eye to it. They want to talk me into staying even longer in Switzerland. But I would
like to go somewhere with Elsa in Germany in the 1st–2nd week of September and
I have to be back in Berlin on October 1st because I am
My health is
beyond reproach. Sensitivity to pressure is not definitely establishable by
Please don’t be cross at my obstinacy. My own belly is at stake, and Elsa, who
has not got away from Berlin for 2 years now, should also be able to enjoy herself
I compared the theory of relativity with thermodynamics not with reference to
its content, but with reference to the method. Both are based on a very general
1) There is no such thing as a perpetuum mobile.
2) No state of motion has preference over any other.
Both draw their consequences from the general principle without needing a
more detailed model-like theory. Therein lies their certainty but also their
Cordial greetings, yours,
Vol. 8, 370e. To Elsa Einstein
[Lucerne,] Monday. [13 August
Dear Else,
You are carrying on our correspondence with such fine devotion that I can’t con-
stantly keep up. I’m sorry that the story with the apartment came to nothing, but it
serves us right because we did go in for Abbé’s offer and cannot go back on it any-
more against his will. But maybe it’s good like this after all; for since an uncertain
destiny awaits Meissner’s flat, I could be forced to move around like the Wandering
Jew, which is not uninteresting, in itself, in these great times, but is a bit
I would have liked to attend the little diplomatic congress at
in doing so see the charming younger generation; I actually do quite like that young
man, and he seems to me to be considerably less nebbish than all of you think. But
women are more authoritative and clear-sighted than we men in such things. I am
very sorry that our priest will not be in Bensingen anymore on September
I can’t go away from here quite yet. That would be too short a stay for me
I have already written to him. Now it depends on when Aunt and Ilse return
Then we can meet wherever you think is suitable. I won’t abandon this
plan now; you must also have a little freedom for once, my dear
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