1 1 2 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 6 4 6 a , 6 5 9 a
Vol. 8, 646a. From Mileva Einstein-Maric;
[Zurich, before 9 November
Dear Albert,
I have received the money sent to me, 1,800
and thank you for it. I’d
like to urge you again to accept the money transfer procedure I had proposed. Dr.
Zürcher also finds this way the best—he had also suggested it, by the way; it really
would be more convenient for both sides if the matter ran more or less automatical-
ly and we didn’t have to balance accounts all that often. It was this: You send me
2,000 M quarterly, and once a year (1 Jan. perhaps) the bank draws up a statement
of all the interest that has been deposited up to then, and at that time you send me
only the remainder up to Fr
I hope that you don’t see behind this request
anything other than my wish to simplify our business relations and that you will not
hold it against me.
I hope that you are in good health and that you avoid catching the flu. Tete
unfortunately got this nasty business
but withstood it well; he hasn’t had
any fever for 10 days now, which rose to 40+°C during the illness. The doctor is
advising me urgently to send him back to Arosa in the winter for about 2 months
to get his strength
Schools are
and the children are at home and
are busying themselves with all sorts of things. Albert is practicing Fren[ch] con-
versation a little with an old acquaintance and builds machines
if he
doesn’t change, he’s bound to become an industrious mechanical
With cordial regards,
Vol. 8, 659a. From Paul Winteler
Lucerne, 22 November 1918
Dear Albert,
Many thanks for your
well, that really does it! Maja’s
was cel-
ebrated very nicely, she was very pleased with your note. Meanwhile, the birthday
of the German “republic” has also taken
I don’t know how the affair looks
from close range; the child still has to get thoroughly washed before we can tell
which parent he resembles, the eastern Bolshevik dad or the western revolutionary
mom. It could also be a bastard, you know, who after being allowed to scream for
a while is shown the door and smuggled via Switzerland preferably into France and
Italy as an anonymous Bolshevik, as soon as the occasion arises. Clear evidence of
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