1 0 2 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 5 5 7 b
an absolute daredevil and very childish.– But enough of this chatting for now; I
don’t even know if it interests you.
With amic. regards,
Vol. 8, 557b. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, after 4 June
Dear Papa,
Today there was talk again at our
about the holidays. Then all the plans
that we had made popped up, which you had upset completely in your second letter.
Write me please why you aren’t coming, at
I and all of us are very sorry
that now we must stay at home like this for the whole vacation. Wasn’t it nice last
year, when we were together in
I really would not have thought that you
would not be coming again now. How is your
It had also benefited so
much from the stay in Arosa, you know, and you wrote yourself that we were plan-
ning to go into the mountains, since it was good for you.
I had quite a lot to do recently with school and piano. Not long ago I was the
accompanist for Dr. von Gonzenbach, who lives in our building and who plays the
violin very well, in playing the 5th Corelli
and otherwise I often play the
piano accompaniment for a young lady from our building who also plays
As we both don’t have so much time for practicing, we only play single move-
ments, but we’ve already ventured into bigger things as well. Now and then I also
accompany Mrs.
who sings songs in Italian, e.g., and by Schubert,
I’ve been very busy with that, and when I have any time left over, I have to go
shopping and anyway make sure that we get
Consequently, please
don’t hold it against me that I haven’t written you for so long. You must accept
writing sometimes when I’m not able to at the moment.
Since we cannot go anywhere these summer holidays, I have planned for this
time that we, Tete and I, go on walks whenever the weather is fine, and that in bad
weather I build either a ship or an aerial tramway, which I’m going to design my-
self, of course.
I hope, though, that the weather will be very good and that we can go on walks
very often. Please write me very soon how you are doing and why you have disap-
pointed us so greatly.
Lots of greetings from
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