8 0 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 7 8 a , 3 8 0 a
delighted to have become a Haberland-man now after
I fear a lawsuit, though.
As soon as you have somehow settled with him, it’s
Aren’t you
afraid? In any case, don’t worry about it; I know that you meant well. It is very nice
here. There is full agreement between my and the priest’s
Now I am ex-
pecting your message, not about whether, that is, but only where and when. I very
much am looking forward to our little
Kisses also to Margot from your
I am in very good health.
Vol. 8, 378a. To Elsa Einstein
[Benzingen, Württemberg,] Thursday. [6 September 1917]
My Dear,
Your letter delighted me, as I see that everything is back in order
cards must have gotten lost. I never waited longer than 2–3 days. I would very much
like you both to come and meet me. I still have enough money to take care of the
two of you as
If you do decide to come and you have not already reported
it to me, I request a telegram. This postcard is the last before my return home de-
parture. Even though it is so beautiful
(weather includ[ed]), I am very im-
patient, to the point that I am counting the days on my fingers. Now it will be very
nice in Berlin; we can make ourselves a bit independent and have meals at my place
I fear I forgot to greet Aunt in my postcard to Ilse. In any case, apologize for me
when the two come
Now Ilse has also had bad experiences with
What’s done is
Who believes the remorse of a poor old sinner?? He must
simply be taken as he is. He has many a big vice but is also considerate regarding
those of
See you soon (preferably in
Greetings & kisses to all of you from
Vol. 8, 380a. To Heinrich Zangger
Berlin, 15 September
Dear friend Zangger,
Now I am sitting here again, to be more precise, in another apartment (5 Haber-
land St.). In the interim I visited my priest in Benzingen, who, despite his black
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