8 4 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 4 2 4 a , 4 3 5 a
Vol. 8, 424a. To Werner Bloch
[Berlin, 3 January 1918]
Dear Mr. Bloch,
I cordially return your kind greetings. On doctor’s orders I have to stay in bed
for the rest of the semester because of my stomach
I will make good on this
course in the coming semester,
With kind regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 435a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, after 14 January
Dear Papa,
Yesterday I received your
Your books were here on
but the
postcard took more than 3 weeks, and that’s why I am writing you now “regis-
tered.” Tete hasn’t come home yet and we sent him the
If you feel un-
well again, you must definitely try taking “Dr. Hommel’s Haematogen.” It served
us very well when Tete was sick last year. He had a local inflammation too. “Hae-
matogen” is very good for improving overall well-being. You see, since he started
taking it, he has never been so completely weak and miserable, despite having a
You start with a very small spoonful and, if it agrees with you, in-
crease to a small soup spoon.
We have constantly had a lot of snow this winter, so I could almost always go
sledding or skiing; only coal was not particularly abundant, but we haven’t ever had
to shiver
Groceries are so expensive, and as if by plan, now, of all times, I
always have such a huge
I still have holidays from school at the
Next week we are starting music
again. Now I’ve played 2
Beethoven sonatas, the “Moonlight Sonata” among
I’m managing quite
well, I just can’t assume the correct tempo yet. Tete is continuing to stay in Arosa
for a while, until it has thawed up there. There is too much fog here, and that’s not
good for him. I am sending you here the last 2 bills for Tete and ask you to pay them
and to send the money to us because Mama still needs some more for clothes and
He has to prepare himself for the 2nd gr[ade], you see. Uninstructed, I
would also like to ask you whether it wouldn’t be better for you to send the money
for the next quarter now, because the German exchange rate is so high at the
I hope that you are better soon. Do you have bleeding in your stom-
Write me about it. I hope you’re eating the right food as
Friendly regards from your
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