V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 4 9 6 b , 5 1 3 a 9 5
This summer I am going into the high mountains for 2–3
At the be-
ginning of July I’ll come and visit you in order to take Albert and
along with
me for a while.
Best regards, yours,
Please send the acknowledgment of receipt for the money
It is extremely troublesome and protracted to achieve a lifting of the interdiction
to remarry. Such a petition goes all the way up to the minister and then takes a year!
Still no answer from the
However, the money can be immediately
Einstein’s emendation: “By special delivery.”
Vol. 8, 496b. From Mileva Einstein-Maric;
[Zurich, 4 April 1918]
D[ear] A[lbert],
I received the check yesterday for 2,000
and thank you for it.—My
complaint at the bank was unfounded; I had mixed something up, the remittances
were all in
A contract is being prepared and will be sent to you one of these
With kd. regards,
Vol. 8, 513a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, before 22 April
Dear Papa,
I have holidays now. After these holidays, everything will be different: I’m going
to be in the 3rd form and therefore in upper
But I’ve gotten tall too, I’m
a good 1 meter 65 cm by now, and have grown out of all of my things in the process.
Tete will be going to school as well after the holidays, into the 2nd
doesn’t quite know what face to pull when people talk about it.
During this vacation I drafted and made a model for an electrical
It came out quite well. I made it out of thick cardboard, but what with the wheels,
the motor, etc., it’s all a very complicated affair, because everything is so hard to
come by, and what is available is expensive and bad, and so I’ve had to do away
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