D O C U M E N T 6 1 J U N E 1 9 2 0 1 9 7
The reason for such a long delay in sending it out is that, as you know,
we wanted to use the latest microphotometric recordings for a new measurement of
the shift. But unfortunately this endeavor did not succeed because the measure-
ments revealed that time-lag effects in the potassium photocell are
the thousandths of a unit Ångström, upon which it rests here, cannot be guaranteed.
We would not like to postpone publication of our earlier data until success of the
new analyses, however.
We thank you heartily once again for your multifarious
In great respect, yours very devotedly,
L. Grebe
Dr. Alb. Bachem.
61. From Heinrich Zangger
Zurich, 8 Zürichberg St., 19 June 1920
Dear friend Einstein,
I beg your pardon. I wrote the letters very quickly, partly while traveling, so I
understand why you could not read some things
Langevin sends his re-
gards and suggests you come to Geneva
Then he too would travel
from Paris to Geneva. He offered to stress Weyl’s importance to the Swiss govern-
ment. He seems to value Weyl extremely highly and to expect very much more
from him. I naturally immediately passed this on to Prof.
Your son came to see us today. He told me that he was going to French Switzer-
land for the holidays; he wants to learn French. I was not at home and thus could
not ask him about your wish to spend time together with him in the
the most sensible thing surely would be for Father to give way and come to Swit-
zerland when the chance arises.
Victor Henry is coming to Zurich in the next day or so. He is very interested in
the physical chemistry position. I also think that would be a proper solution; [he is]
a motivating, richly talented person with a quite different temperament. I am
already considered quite presumptuous, but not easily dismissed, since Einstein
and Debye have conferred such a good reputation to my activities in
We are now going to take up the spectrophotographic research again on a broader
basis, with my large Hilger instrument, which I bought for myself 10 years
In Brussels, I agreed to give a report about this field for next
It is extremely
interesting how typical the results are in the ultraviolet; and most interesting of all
is that the typical absorption bands in layers of 1/100 mm of serum solution are so
clear, because absorption in a series of alkaloids at a slightly shorter wavelength
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