V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 9 1 a , 9 6 a 1 7
Vol. 8, 91a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, 28 June 1915]
Dear Papa,
You should contact
about such things, because I’m not the only one to
But if you’re so unfriendly to her, I don’t want to go with you
We have plans for a nice stay that I’d only give up very reluctantly. We are
going at the beginning of July and are staying the whole vacation. It’s very high
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 96a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Sellin,] 16 July 1915
My dear friend Zangger,
Your friendly lines greatly impressed me, not by their content but because I see
what an active interest you are taking in my
In the matter itself you are mis-
taken. My fine boy had been alienated from me for a few years already by my wife,
who has a vengeful, ordinary disposition, but also is so sly that outsiders and
particularly men are always deceived by her. If you only knew what I had to live
through with her, you would hold it against me that I did not find the energy for so
long to separate myself from her. The postcard I received from little Albert had
been inspired, if not downright dictated, by her. It said: “As long as you aren’t
friendlier with Mama, I don’t want to go with you. Anyway, we’re going into the
countryside in July and I don’t want to give up that
Where they wanted to
go was not conveyed to me, not even the new address, which I only learned about
from you. When I write to Albert, I get no response at all.
Under these circumstances it appeared as if I couldn’t see the children at all if I
came now to Zurich in July, as I was firmly resolved to do. So at the last minute I
decided, while I was at Göttingen giving talks about the general theory of
to relax here in Sellin, where my cousin had rented lodgings with her
I’m going to stay here until August 1st, because I need that much rest.
From the 1st of August I am ready to come to Zurich, even if my children are so
incited against me that they don’t want to have anything to do with me; then I’ll
come to see you again. Give me a time period between 1 August and 1 October; I
will certainly come. I would surely have been there on the 15th of July if I hadn’t
been deterred by the ugly
I left the children to my wife; she shouldn’t
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