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appeared yet. Writing for The Monist gives me much pleasure, and this contact with
England is extremely valuable to me as well. It was truly refreshing to read what
has been written in England about you and the Germans’ treatment of you. Berlin-
ers deserve to hear the truth told: I still shudder at the thought of the possibility of
them succeeding in making it too loathsome for you to stay in Berlin! A short while
ago Mr. Bröse, who translated Space and Time as well as Freundlich’s book, visited
us here from
A very nice person and most highly talented musically. Did
I already tell you that I entered myself in the Scientific American contest for a
popular account of your
That cost me much labor, because of the 3,000-
word limit, but the prize is so enormously high (5,000 dollars) that I believed I
ought to try, even with the extremely low chances: my family would be helped
along for a number of years then. Incidentally, there is at the moment a vacant phi-
losophy professorship in Erlangen, and I am dutifully informing you in case you
should have any connections there. I do think, though, that only a historian of phi-
losophy would come into question. Forgive me please for having bothered you in
my last
with the question about physicists who might come into consider-
ation as a successor to our deceased R. H.
It would not have been of any
use, after all, even if I could have recommended a couple of names, for the candi-
date list was completed here in all speed, without making numerous inquiries. In
the meantime, Lenz in Munich received the call but will probably not come. Ewald
and Kossel are in second and third
The Kant Society wants to offer a prize
for a paper on the relation between rel. theory and modern philosophy; I am going
to be one of the judges. As the physics judge, Vaihinger definitely wants Wiener
(Leipzig). Do you consider him suited for it, at all?
Now I have come to the bottom of this paper and I have scarcely told you any-
thing of interest. But I am glad to be able to express to you once again my profound
admiration. My whole family heartily wishes you health and well-being. Won’t you
be making another trip northwards again sometime that leads you through Ros-
tock? Best compliments to your esteemed wife. Your
M. Schlick.
172. From Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe
Kiel, 24 Bismarck Avenue, 10 October 1920
Esteemed Professor,
I owe you a letter about the metal
Initially I obtained quite good re-
sults with 3 magnets and one copper hemisphere of 3 wall thickness. Then I
tried the same with a whole aluminum sphere of 1 wall thickness and, to be
precise, with two rings of magnets of 10 magnets each.
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