V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 1 9 a 4 7
Was the infection already present at birth or was there only a disposi-
tion? The second package could still arrive; I hear that mailings are frequently in
transit for weeks on end. There is, of course, also some theft. Things generally are
astonishingly topsy-turvy. The second package also arrived. Hallelujah! Once
again, most hearty thanks for your friendly assistance!
Vol. 8, 319a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, between 1 April and 22 April
Dear Papa,
I want to write you one more time because I just thought of it. I haven’t written
you until now because I didn’t have much time at all and because I don’t like to
write at all. It’s always such a major business for me, a letter like
At the be-
ginning of the
the weather was tolerably nice, but now it’s raining when
it’s actually not snowing. In this way, a game we’ve been playing has been made
impossible. Namely, we made little aerial ropeways from one house to another
where a child happens to be living. So we always sent each other things; but the
installation was really the nicest part! Over telephone cables, below telephone ca-
bles, and even above the tramway
At school we had quite a lot of homework toward the end but, this way or that,
it’s always the same thing! Vocabulary, and more vocabulary, etc. I think that it will
be more interesting in the 2nd form [2nd year of Gymnasium], in which I am going
to be
I can’t write anything about the summer holidays yet because it’s still not clear
how circumstances will permit it
Now I’m not taking lessons with the
nor taking piano
even so, I always have something to tinker away at, although “the mess” does not
quite appeal to the others. I also play music & I’m playing a lot of Mendelssohn
songs and Mozart sonatas, also a few pieces by Schumann and a few old
Mama assigns them to me and corrects me when I make a mistake. Everyone says
that I play nicely. Now I’m taking care of Mama, too, because we don’t have a
nurse; Mama was too annoyed with
We still have enough to eat, although
it is a bit expensive; we are all fat and plump. Are you too?
Mama asks you please to send us the money directly, because otherwise it takes
so long for us to get
Many greetings from
Adn and Tete.
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