D O C U M E N T 1 6 M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 6 1
before, like those from Weimar or the new Bavarians or any war or peace stamps
you have. I’m writing this less for myself than for
who pounced on my
stamp album.
You probably still remember the “double-rubberband plan” for my little plane
with the ratchet wheels
I tried it out but the ratchet wheels I obtained didn’t
do their job; there’s too much friction. Would you happen to know of any other so-
lution, for I haven’t given up on the whole plan with the double-rubberband yet.
I’m going to have the little plane photographed soon and then take it on a test
flight. That’ll be an expedition, all right!
Despite all the improvements the catch is still in the “legs.” On the one hand, the
wheels don’t turn freely enough, on the other hand it’s not elastic enough.
I’m supposed to tell you also that we are anxiously awaiting the money that’s
How are you doing otherwise? Write me sometime soon.
Many greetings from your
P.S. You have had the “English Course” by Langenscheith. Could I have it for at
least some time? I could use it very well in addition to class.
16. From Max Wertheimer[1]
[Berlin,] 15 May 1920
Dear Mr. Einstein,
Hearty greetings! (–How much I would prefer to be able to say good day to you
once in person again–!) I wish you very enjoyable days indeed in Holland![2]
Today I have to write a few words about the—peculiar—Halle matter. Dear, es-
teemed Mr. Einstein—well, how strange people are–! And what have you, in your
boundless good nature, let yourself in for with these people?![3]
In April, in Prague, I heard about the “upcoming important congress about Ein-
stein, where Prof. Kraus[4] (!) has been assigned the leading role, which is now (fi-
nally) going to uncover in public before a philosophical tribunal the elementary
absurdities of Einst[einian] theories, so that thenceforth it will be clear, how –.”
Here I find waiting an invitation by the Kant Soc[iety]: Mr. Einstein, too, will be
in Halle! Then, a publication, a supplement of the Kantstudien, from someone who,
on the other hand, seems to me to share the tendency characteristic of Kant
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