V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 2 6 1 a 2 9
last four years of
For I won’t let them be Prussified on me, they have
to become proper Swiss, who feel at home there and will later take up there lives
In the past few weeks I discovered a very nice bit of science. I’m sending you a
short publication about it along with this
The continuation will appear in
the memorial issue for Kleiner by the Zurich Physical
You might not be
able to read it easily on your own. But Besso will explicate it to you. It deals with
the underlying meaning and derivation of Planck’s radiation formula. I’m also
sending you a copy of the exposition of the general theory of relativity without the
presumption of your really reading
I’m looking forward to the time when I can shake your hand again. Without you
and the Zürcher
I would not have known what to do. It is hard knowing
that one’s loved ones are in such distress and not being able to help personally.
Write me now candidly without the usual precautions about the facts and also about
my children, and the way they are bearing their ill fortune, and accept my heartfelt
greetings, yours,
A. Einstein.
Cordial thanks also to your
Vol. 8, 261a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 26 September 1916
Dear Friend,
Now, after much patient effort, I managed to arrange that I be able to leave to-
morrow morning to see my Dutch colleagues for a fortnight, in order to debate
about the new scientific issues with them. Nordström is there,
I’m very much
looking forward to it. But I can only send the 1400 francs upkeep for my family to
Zurich around the 20th rather than the 1st of
Should I send the money
to your address? For I don’t know exactly who is holding the household
My address over there is Prof. Ehrenfest,
Please have the hospital and
doctors’ bills sent directly to
I hope you had a good and relaxing holiday and
that you and your family and the whole of little Switzerland are experiencing good
times, better than the people
I’m gradually beginning to understand now
what a treasure people had with the Christian ideal of humility. Who is going to
replace the power icon with a merciful God
The tide is at ebb inside my brain case at the moment, but I’m completely satis-
fied with that. Life is very quiet. I hope I receive another card from you soon with
a placating report.
Best regards, yours,
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