3 2 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 2 6 3 b , 2 6 9 a
There certainly is an unsatisfactory element to this procedure. But all previous
theories offering an analysis of irreversible processes (e.g., kinetic gas theory) are
the same as the theories of relativity in this regard. The fundamental equations are
designed such that the equations are also satisfied by the temporally inverse
Please pardon the sloppy drafting! A mountain of letters and other obligations
awaited me here. For I returned yesterday evening from Holland. Wishing you bon
voyage and a profitable semester, yours,
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 263b. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin, 13 October 1916]
Dear friend Zangger,
Having returned last night from a 2-week trip to Holland, I found your postcard,
from which I gather that there is slow improvement with
I do, of
course, agree to do what you deem right in this matter
I’m sending
1400 francs for my family to your address (for
I’ll pay sep-
arately the exceptional disbursements arising from my wife’s illness to make sure
there’s no shortage. Please simply inform me what I should send where. Such pay-
ments shouldn’t be delayed, because my interest conversion losses are enlarged
by waiting. In general, in these uncertain times one should settle everything that’s
possible, since future difficulties are unforeseeable. This morning I received from
my Albert a very sweet letter, which delighted me beyond words. I’ll write him
I had a very nice time in Holland among the local circle of
my fellow
What an enormous difference! . . . . . You should go there
sometime as well. The theory of gravitation has grown powerful roots there; but
this is certainly not the main source of my
Cordial greetings and many thanks for the continuing solicitude! Yours,
A. Einstein.
Vol. 8, 269a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 25 October
Dear friend Zangger,
Cordial thanks for your warm and detailed letter. Albert is a gem of a boy. I re-
plied to his good and honest letter about a week
and cannot refrain from writ-
ing to him right away again after seeing that he is still attached to me.
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