D O C U M E N T S 1 7 6 , 1 7 7 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 0 2 9 1
ment in the Buchhändler-Börsenblatt is offering your opponents more ammunition.
If, as is to be expected, M. refuses, you obtain from the public prosecutor a prelim-
inary injunction against the appearance of the book and see that it gets into the pa-
pers (or else we arrange that). I am going to inform you about the precise details
about where to file the petition. Experts have determined that, just as it is forbidden
for anyone to publish a picture of someone else without his consent, no more may
the conversational thoughts of another be printed either. This course is more appro-
priate than having the printer’s proofs sent to you to read through because then you
have absolutely no responsibility for the book. Otherwise, if in the foreword it is
stated that you had read and approved the correction proofs, all the dirt that is flung
about as a result of the book will land on you. I beseech you, do as I write. Other-
wise: Farewell Einstein! Then your Jewish “friends” will have achieved what the
anti-Semitic gang were unable to
Forgive the insistence of my letter, but it concerns all that is dear to me (and
et al.). You don’t understand; in such things you are a little child.
You are loved and you must obey; that is, perspicacious people (not your
If you don’t want anything more to do with this business, then give me full au-
thority in writing. I shall drive to Berlin, if necessary, or to the North
176. To Lucien Chavan and Jeanne Chavan-Perrin
[Benzingen, 15 October 1920]
Dear Chavans,
I am sitting in this isolated hamlet with my
and reminiscing about you
and the times in
Albert likes telling me about all the nice things he experi-
enced with both of
A few years ago I wanted to visit you at the
you were out of town.
Good luck and auf Wiedersehen (hopefully soon)! Yours,
A. Einstein.
177. From Vilhelm Bjerknes[1]
Bergen, 18 October 1920
Esteemed Colleague,
I very much regret that I had to travel to the extreme north of Norway—on offi-
cial business—during the time that you were holding your lectures in
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