V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 5 a , 1 6 a 1 1
Vol. 8, 5a. From Heinrich Zangger
[between ca. 14 April and 1 July
Dear friend Einstein,
[Text unintelligible]... Only when you were standing in Berlin as if in front of a
cage... and Switzerland in summer is nice when Dahlem is
[I thought
[then] that you still have examinations to hold at the
in July [and since it
was July] I didn’t want to do anything foolish and miss you by chance. I have final-
ly obtained the proceedings of the [Prussian] Academy, it must be nice... for people
who [...] [don’t] like to read books like you and me.
You have not yet unlearned to apologize, if you don’t write, but neither you nor
I believe in an improvement.
wanted to help the renters in the Hofstrasse, its seems that one battle
follows another [there] But there was nothing to do.
They say Abraham will come to
[who will go] to Göttingen, Frankfurt,
On the 1st of August you come to Zurich!
first because the Berliners will do something out of envy, if there are rays around
the sun for your
[and] don’t do it in the photographic [camera] because then
it is better one can enjoy the short sleeves [...]
If you know when you are coming, please send a postcard a few days before-
Vol. 8, 16a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Berlin,] 27 June
Dear friend Zangger,
You’re furious about my unbelievable silence and scold me unjustifiably calling
me a Berliner; but a Berliner always has his mouth open and he can manage a lot
Whereas I have a semipathological inhibition toward writing, as
generally with any action that requires any definite decision. That’s how tiredness
and age manifest themselves with me.
Life appeals to me very much here, I have to admit. The sheer amount of com-
petence and glowing interest in science one finds here! I’m repeatedly fascinated
by the colloquium and the phys.
And the people, you ask? They are
basically the same as everywhere. In Zurich they feign republican probity, here mil-
itary rigidity and discipline, but here, as there, they’re governed by the same drives,
and here, as there, only a few rise above raw instinct.
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