V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 5 5 7 c , 5 6 1 a 1 0 3
Vol. 8, 557c. From Eduard Einstein
[Zurich, after 4 June
Dear Papa,
How are you? I go to school
I like it very much. I have friends, a boy and
a girl, to play with. I am feeling well. Can you send me a book? I like to read books
of travels. Why aren’t you coming to us during the holidays? I had already been
looking forward to
Lots of greetings and kisses from your
Vol. 8, 561a. From Maja Winteler-Einstein
Lucerne, 10 June 1918
My dear Albert,
It’s already been ever so long since I wrote you, and when your last letter arrived
I wanted to reply immediately. But now a fortnight has passed after all, because I’ve
been away. I was in Filzbach for 9 days, you see, and held classes at school for
Peter, who had to have surgery in his
Being schoolmistress appealed to me
quite a bit. The children enjoyed themselves very much with me, and I with the
children. We laughed a great deal and still learned something in the process. I had
to teach the 3 lowest grades. Shall I tell you some funny episodes from work?—
One pupil from the 1st gr[ade], somewhat dumb, but all the more self-assured, goes
to the door without asking. I: Heineli, if you want to go to the toilet, you must tell
me first. He: Oh, but I can go piss!—And he struts proudly out of sight.
The same pupil is put in the corner by me because he is always disturbing the
others. I (after he has been standing for some time): It’s not nice to have to stand
there, is it, Heineli? He: I’ve stood in more unpleasant places at home!
It is really funny being with the children but a big strain. When I didn’t know
what else to do, I told them a story. That always perked the children up.
It was a great disappointment for me to hear that you don’t want to come this
Above all, I’m firmly convinced that the mountain air agrees with you par-
You do still remember how much good Arosa did you. You also
enjoyed yourself there exceedingly with your children. Here, too, you were very
content with
for a time, and in Zurich you even praised him very much. I
don’t know either whether you are doing well to neglect your own children for the
sake of
You can go sailing in Switzerland as well, you
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