V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 4 4 2 a 8 5
Vol. 8, 442a. From Hans Albert Einstein
[Zurich, after 25 January
Dear Papa,
I received your
and hope you are feeling better already so you can get
Write me sometime in detail about when you felt worse again and what may
be the probable cause. I believe you did not do well to stay here for such a short
time in the summer. You’ll surely remember how much better you were in Arosa,
and that’s why I would like to ask you to go to such a mountain spa for a longer
time, if possible, this summer, because this seems to be the only means of improv-
ing your health at least a
What use is a little bit more or less money to you
if you must always be in bed, or at least can hardly
It’s better for us, too,
when you’re in good shape again, because this way we obviously don’t gain much
at all from you. Besides, these health resorts still receive just about the same good
food as before because deliveries are always made there first.
I find that you are being very unfair about Tete. We asked various doctors, and
all have found this to be the only thing that can be done. You write that he is being
But that’s absolutely not true. He’s outdoors all day. (One moment
he lies down, the next, they go sledding and ice skating), and everyone who sees
him says he looks a lot healthier now. Anyway, he is coming down in the spring
when the snow has melted up there. Here it’s constantly foggy, and the sun hasn’t
shined for over 2 weeks.
You can’t judge at all what ought to be done about Tete, for you haven’t a clue
about all the things he’s been through. Mr. Zangger can judge best because he has
been examining Tete constantly, you
We can count ourselves lucky that he
takes such pains with us. What would have happened to us if he had not been there
when Mama became
Also consider that! Something must be done for his
health this once. We know absolutely nothing about each other; you have no idea
what we need and require; I know nothing about you. Now I know Mr. Zangger or
anyone else here much better than I know you, and that’s where the misfortune
Now I am playing the 5th Beethoven sonata (C
and I enjoy it very
Presently I am trying to make the train electric and Mama is helping me with it
as much as she can. I am doing this because of the coal
and would like
to finish it for when Tete comes. If you were here, you would surely amuse yourself
with it as well. Mr.
finds the greatest pleasure in such things, and I think
when mine is finished, theirs will also become electric.
Write me soon about how you are. Many greetings from your
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