3 1 6 D O C U M E N T 2 1 2 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 0
think of it. It would be reckoned as a humiliation for Germany (as ironic as this is
upon sober reflection) if I were to
I am now being continually berated by pan-German papers and
Even so, this does not bother me, because it is a part of “fine
All the
friendlier are my closer colleagues here to me, and my Jewish friends. It was only
here that I lost the painful feeling of isolation under which I had always been suf-
fering in Berne and Zurich. So in short: I cannot take myself away, stupid and un-
practical though it may be!
If tomorrow morning I were in Zurich, without any of my doing, and came up-
stairs to you in the morning at the institute, I would certainly be content then. But
I cannot extricate myself from here . . . I see you laughing, not unkindly, but rather
in that good-natured way of yours.
I hope I can come to Zurich again next year (just for fun). Until then, cordial re-
gards to you, yours,
Friendly greetings to your wife and the children also from my wife.
212. From Hans Albert Einstein
Zurich, 28 November 1920
Dear Papa,
How are you? A short while ago we received the long-hoped-for
In our
cash box we still had, nota bene, 10 francs . . .
We thank you kindly for it. You also write we should come to
we discussed it and also asked the Zürchers for
and just came to the con-
clusion that it would be irresponsible if I had to interrupt my schooling now, be-
cause I would, in any case, lose at least one year and for the time being we do
mainly have to see to it that I, at least, become self-sufficient as soon as
This is our only prospect for improving our circumstances, you know.
That is why we ask you to make it possible that I at least graduate without dis-
turbance. I do have very little of you and so you really could do this for
Mama also thinks that, as she saw, nutrition really isn’t that good in Germany,
especially for foreigners who don’t know their way around the stores, and that
would just have the result that Teddy’s and her hard-earned health would go to the
devil in the
You’d have to say all this, yourself, if you thought about it more carefully and
that’s why you shouldn’t always write it again and again, especially because the
main effect is just agitation for Mama, linked with sleepless nights, etc. You did
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