D O C U M E N T S 1 2 , 1 3 M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 5 9
12. From Moritz Schlick
Rostock, 23 Orléans St., 10 May 1920
Dear, esteemed Professor,
This morning I received a few copies of the English edition of Space and
The translator presumably already sent you a proof or is about to do
should this not be the case, however, please do be so kind as to let me know—I
would then dearly like to send you one of my copies. Owing to the peacetime sup-
plies, the translation presents itself much more nicely than the
Through a slight indiscretion I learned that an inquiry about my character has
reached here from Giessen. It evidently involves the chair that Medicus was sup-
posed to
I don’t believe there is much chance of my being favorably placed
among the list of applicants. But in any event we can draw from this that Medicus
must have finally decided to stay in
It must be a fine situation there now,
after Debye accepted the call to
Here the summer term has started with promising student attendance, but the
faculty is being shaken by convulsions, a consequence of the putsch in March dur-
ing which some apparently “Kapp”-itated
In sending my compliments to your wife, I remain with most cordial greetings
and best wishes for your health, also from my wife and children, gratefully yours,
M. Schlick
13. To Elsa Einstein
[Kathijk?] Tuesday [11 May 1920]
Dear Else,
It’s splendid weather here now. We’re outside a lot, talking shop. It is very inter-
esting with
Yesterday was Lorentz’s
Today it’s little Paul
Ehrenfest’s birthday. We festively went shopping. Last night at Kamerlingh-
The gentlemen are bending over backwards to accelerate my
nomination in every
I’m in no hurry. I’d wish all of you such a nice little
stay as well! This scribbling is so illegible because I’m lying in the
as I
Warm greetings to all of you, yours,
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