2 7 6 D O C U M E N T 1 5 6 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 0
necessary, I can have my former wife resettle in Germany with the children; this
has been avoided up to
Lately, I had to tolerate various types of animosity, mainly from
This is not regrettable, though, for it is an opportunity to distinguish my true friends
from the unreliable ones. The strange thing is that, these days, every value judg-
ment is made from a political point of
The [Society of German Scientists and Physicians] conference had nothing new
to offer of substantial
but it did show that a very lively interest in
pure science has remained, despite the war and the economic crisis. In other re-
spects, many things have changed, of course. All these experiences have made
minds that are so malleable that a prominent statesman could achieve great things;
I am thinking of a union of European
It is a misfortune that now there is
no farsighted, broad-minded leader at the top in France or England, who envisions
more than his fatherland’s limited, momentary material
For the next fortnight I shall be here in southern Germany together with my
boys, a rare treat that has been filling me with joy for a long time now. Then I am
coming to Holland, in order to deliver the inaugural lecture. I am very ashamed
when I think of how much work you and Kamerlingh Onnes have done for my
but I give way to the happy hope that the memory of it cannot disturb your
affectionate attitude toward me.
In the hope of finding you and your
happy and healthy and being able to
chat with you for an hour on physics matters (also about your allusions to
I am, with cordial greetings, yours very truly,
A. Einstein.
156. From Eduard Hartmann[1]
Fulda, 26 September 1920
Highly esteemed Professor,
A meeting of the Görres Society is taking place at the beginning of the month of
October. I have taken on a talk about the theory of rel. for the Natural Sciences Sec-
tion, in which I intend to describe its high importance and its brilliant confirmation
In order to be equipped for all arguments—the talk is being at-
tended by a number of physicists and mathematicians—I ask you please to solve
for me the following problem in a few words.
It involves the braking train carriage. According to the theory of rel., I have the
right to use the carriage as an object of reference. Before the braking, I establish a
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