D O C U M E N T 8 M A Y 1 9 2 0 1 5 3
1) Go to the Reich Commissariat for Export Permits and apply for the permit to
export the violin lying in storage at Bentheim.
2) Send the export permit to Gerlach & Co.,
with the instructions
to send the violin here to me and to charge all expenses cash on delivery.
The journey proceeded excellently. I made the acquaintance of a few young men
who are emigrating to South America, former officers. The trip third class was
excellent. I did not need the cushion. Little Paul Ehrenfest is playing with me, such
a cute fellow, but he won’t let me
So, for today, just heartfelt greetings from your
Also to the
Liberate the poor violin soon!
8. From Willem H. Julius
[Utrecht,] 8 May 1920
Dear Colleague Einstein,
Permit me, in connection with yesterday’s
to summarize briefly
once again the main points of our thoughts on line
this could per-
haps be useful in some way toward solving the problem.
The conclusion that Grebe and Bachem reach did not appear to us sufficiently
since, first, the mean 0.56 km/sec is noticeably smaller than the theo-
retical value 0.63 and even drops down to 0.475 if the one line 3866.960 is omitted
(which in the earlier paper had been described as
and second, it was
not shown beyond doubt that the observed shifts did not furnish the result of a su-
perposition of many causes. Possible photographic effects and evaluation errors
have been taken into consideration by G. and B.; however, pressure and Doppler
effects or anomalous dispersion still could distort the gravitational shift even of a
line standing by itself.
There can be no doubt that various causes of the same order of magnitude play
a part. Surely, the considerable limb-center shifts (0.0068 Å as the mean for 476
are interpretable as a gravitational shift only with
or as a pres-
sure effect (as Evershed has adequately
but even less likely as a conse-
quence of a repulsive force that the Earth specifically, or the British Empire, were
exerting upon the solar
And the fact that the shifts are so very different
from line to line (to the degree that well-established violet shifts occur) without
showing any relation to the experimental pressure shifts, whereas, if one takes a
mean, a simple relation to line intensity results as predicted by dispersion theory—
this fact seems inexplicable unless one conceives
lines essentially as
dispersion lines.
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