1 4 2 V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T 2 0 6 a
It would have required, even in former, better times, much effort before one became
accustomed to it and knew where to go for everything etc.; now it would simply be
impossible for me and certainly so in Germany, where it isn’t easy even for the
After much thought and consultation I decided to lease out the
commodate the children here, and travel to see my parents in Novi Sad, who are ill
and expressed the wish that I come; so I would prefer to grant them this wish as I
am the only child who can fulfill this wish for
The apartment will cover part of the costs for the children. I would also be infi-
nitely sorry if Albert had to interrupt school, because important though it is to save
money, it is infinitely more important that at least one of my children become in-
dependent as soon as
And changing schools would definitely mean a
loss of time for Albert. I am now and later going to be very much in favor of having
at least Albert stay here. I think that you will agree to this.
If there is no other way out, I would come to Germany in the spring with
but that won’t be so simple, because I would already have to have a permit from
there from the authorities before I received a passport here.
I’d like to request of you urgently again that the money meant for us be sent to
me personally. For this quarter you sent us 1,000 francs and told me that you have
money designated for us at
But I have no business at all with Karr.
Please do send me the money earmarked for us; I won’t cash it now under any
circumstances, but it is proper that you give it to me. If I’m not here next quarter,
then please send it to Zangger or
they will keep it for me until I’m back.
I hope that you will grant this wish of mine.—You write me about an annual sum
of 12,000 marks. I can’t estimate what this means, of course, because I’m not fa-
miliar with the situation over there. But I ask you please, under all conditions, to
have the money paid out to me and not to Karr; you have promised me, per your
wish, such independence.
Please agree with all this. At the moment I can’t do otherwise. If you were more
familiar with the situation you would understand [this], and it is anyway all the
same to you where we are, so long as the costs are reduced, and I’m willing to try.
With friendly regards,
Vol. 9, 206a. From Maja Winteler-Einstein
Lucerne, 10 December 1919
My Dears,
Are you waiting for news from us? We, in any case, are yearning to hear word
from you. I imagine you are having major difficulties about vacating the
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