8 2 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 3 8 5 a , 3 9 0 a
course, especially considering that I am convinced that her stay in the sanatorium
is entirely
I hope you have recovered completely and are energetically back to
take care of yourself. We’ve simply reached that age when one substitutes dignity
for working energy. . . .
Cordial regards, yours,
Vol. 8, 385a. To Michele Besso
[Berlin,] 6 October 1917
Dear Michele,
On September 11 I already wrote to Miza and Zangger that Tete must be brought
back immediately to Zurich, because I cannot take the great expense upon myself
See that this happens immediately. I cannot see any other way because
of the imposition of heavy new tax burdens, and I am firmly convinced that this pre-
caution is exaggerated as
I’m not taking this step without having spoken
with specialists.–
I am feeling very well. Where is your institute supposed to be
of luck to Vero on his
I’ll try to send you the statutes if
articles, etc., don’t make it abroad now anymore without a special
so the
mailing might cause more trouble than running it down at libraries there. If you
can’t find the thing in Zurich, I’ll get a shipment permit.
Warm greetings, yours,
See that Tete is taken home right away. I’m going to write Zangger as well.
Vol. 8, 390a. To Michele Besso
[Berlin,] 15 October 1917
Dear Michele,
Many thanks for your detailed news. Healthwise I’ve been very well; I haven’t
had another
I feel very sorry for my wife. She seems to have a genuine
canker on the spinal cord, without hope of
It was right, in the end, that
you left Tete up
I’ll try to send Miza money for him. If it doesn’t work, I’ll
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