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In particular, I have now given stronger emphasis to the theory of relativity’s
purely empirical point of departure which, when set against the analysis of the the-
oretical assumptions, certainly did get the shorter end of the
I now intend
to publish the work with the alterations and additions prompted by your comments
and objections: not in the opinion that it could offer a final solution to the difficult
epistemological problems that relativity theory leads to—rather, simply to draw
more interest among philosophers in general toward these issues than has hitherto
happened. I myself hope to learn from the discussions about these questions—es-
pecially also from objections that may arise on the part of physicists toward my
conclusions. I am, in expressing my gratitude and my admiration, yours,
Ernst Cassirer
59. To Hedwig Born
Christiania, 18 June [1920]
Dear Mrs. Born,
The news about the bitter experience that you had to live through affected me
very much. I know what it means to see one’s mother in death throes, without being
able to
There is no consolation. We all must bear such tribulations, for they
are inseparably bound with life. One thing does exist, though: loyal friendship and
mutual support in carrying the burden. We do share so many beautiful things to-
gether that we do not need to succumb to numb brooding. Dead elders do live on in
the young. Don’t you sense it now when you, in mourning, look at your children?–
I am here with Ilse and am giving a few lectures for the
likable young folk. Add to that the marvelous natural surroundings and downright
formidable heat, which one shouldn’t expect up here.
Warm greetings to you and Max, yours,
[. . .][3]
60. From Leonhard Grebe and Albert Bachem
Bonn, 18 June 1920
Highly esteemed Professor,
In the attached we forward to you the revision of our paper on the gravitational
shift, wherein we added, as you wished, all the microphotogram data used. We
request that you please be so kind as to arrange publication in the Academy’s
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