V O L U M E 9 , D O C U M E N T 1 4 8 a 1 3 7
Has an answer arrived from
I received no sign of life from
you yet. Soon I’ll be given the nickname “the prolific”!
Heartfelt greetings to all of you, yours,
Vol. 9, 148a. From Mileva Einstein-Maric;
Zurich, 22 October 1919
Dear Albert,
I’d like to respond to your
with the following: I can’t very well decide to
pick up and leave suddenly for Germany now, because my health is still far too un-
stable and I fear that the move and everything that goes with it would be too much
for me; and then, in a strange town where I don’t know a soul or my way around, I
couldn’t help myself at all if I were bedridden again for a longer
This ap-
proach could lead to a grim calamity for us. Also, I am stocked up with coal here
for the whole winter, which nowadays is no trifling matter, likewise with potatoes,
leaving all this behind and possibly having to freeze there would also be a
bitter thing indeed, for you always have to keep in mind that I am simply not
healthy yet by a long shot, and that I really can’t walk much and going shopping is
a very difficult thing for me.
On the other hand, I do completely understand the reasons impelling you to
make this suggestion to me, and after much consideration I thought of the following
I’d very much like to spend this winter still in Zurich; I will restrict myself to the
utmost and cover these bare essentials with the remaining money I have left here,
which isn’t very much, but I hope to be able to make ends meet. I’d like to request
that you deposit the money you have designated for
in my name at a German
bank so that I can withdraw it in an emergency, or if I don’t need it, it could stay
there for later. But please do let me know roughly what sum you have determined,
in order for me to know approximately what I can count on so that we don’t run
into any difficulties later. By the spring I hope to have recovered better, and then it
will be easier for me to make decisions.
I discussed these matters with Dr. and Mrs.
whom you also have writ-
ten, and they also think that this solution of the problem is probably the most rea-
sonable. Dr. Zürcher will be writing you himself, of course. I think you will agree
to this as well.
The children are as well as ever.
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