7 8 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 3 7 6 a
Evidently I am going to have to travel there now. In Benzingen I expect to hear
news from you about when and where we should
I intend to stay there (at
Brandhuber’s) for about 10 days (at least). This is superbly convenient for you as
This is a curious to and fro, actually quite to my taste. From Sunday
onwards I shall still be in Zurich under Anna’s protective
Tomorrow Mama
is traveling homewards to
I hope the honorable office of housewife agrees with you well and that Uncle is
very proper; otherwise he must be banned to the . .
Greetings & a kiss from your
[Greetings] also for Uncle, [a kiss] also for Margot.
Vol. 8, 376a. To Heinrich Zangger
[Lucerne,] Sunday. [26 August 1917]
Dear friend Zangger,
There is no other way, I have to leave, telegram notwithstanding. My priest in
Benzingen writes me that he is staying home for me and is expecting me on Sep-
tember 1, the condition I had set for my promised
I recovered satisfactorily
after following the prescriptions you gave me precisely, although the local sensitiv-
ity still hasn’t disappeared
Today I am going to Zurich, where I’m
going to stay under Mrs. Besso’s care until
I pulled myself together and
gave my wife notice that I am coming to see
Then I’ll discuss everything
with her. One really has to regard the option of accommodating her with Tete in the
Black Forest in Württemberg or in the Bavarian mountains for the remainder of the
war, which would be feasible together with the
That way the boy could
stay in good mountain air without our becoming financially
I hope you have recovered well from the painful operation and overwork so that
you can resume your burden with refreshed
A gathering of forces is less
necessary in my case, with my tranquil lifestyle and my light load of obligations.
Cordial greetings in parting! Yours,
Romain Rolland wrote me
he really is an otherworldly mind, too soft to
look rough reality honestly in the eye.
Please also thank your wife heartily again on my behalf for everything she has
done for me and my family.
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