3 0 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 2 6 1 b , 2 6 1 c , 2 6 2 a
Vol. 8, 261b. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Thursday. [28 September 1916]
Dear Else,
I arrived here safely yesterday at ½ past 10 and then talked with Ehrenfest and
Nordström until 1
at which time I was fed according to the rumors about
the reception of travelers from the
The local people, with their simple, un-
assuming manner and high intellectual culture, appeal to me exceedingly. Such a
huge difference! I’m blissfully happy during the discussions. It was really good that
I took all that
in order to be able to breathe in this air for a time. But I’m
not going to forget you all, and especially you, because of it, and am not ungrateful.
Affectionate greetings also to the little minxes and the
from your
Vol. 8, 261c. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Saturday. [30 September 1916]
Dear Else,
I haven’t been able to think about nature and the arts until now, because physics
and the physicists have been keeping me in breathless
Today I am go-
ing to Amsterdam to the
More next time. Affectionate greetings also to the little minxes, from your
Greetings to Uncle & Aunt. I have not been able to attend to the lard
Vol. 8, 262a. To Elsa Einstein
[The Hague,] Thursday. [5 October 1916]
Dear Else,
Yesterday I was with
who lives in the countryside in Bussum near
Amsterdam, all day long. We took a long walk to Zuider See, conducting very in-
teresting conversations all the while. In the evening I drove to Haarlem to the De
Haases, who gave me a touchingly warm
We chatted until ½ past 1
o’clock. Then I slept at their house, was in the laboratory there this
now (1–2) am traveling here to The Hague, where I’m arriving in the pouring rain
and am quite tired. But I had to be here exactly today. It’s a true test of the
I still want to have a breather the last few days before my trip homeward. Inciden-
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