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like to know whether the mentioned parallelism between molecular volume (as is
measured, for example, by Van der Waals’s b constant) and combustion heat is at
all a postulate of our modern views on molecular theory, or whether it is also pos-
sible to conceive of cases in which relations are reversed. Is there any literature in
theoretical physics on this question yet?
In giving my most obliging thanks in advance for the kindness of eventual con-
sideration of my problem, I am, in great respect, yours very truly,
Edgar Wöhlisch
182. To Max Born
[Leyden, 26 October 1920]
Dear Born,
I categorically forbade appearance of the book by
and Lorentz advise against court action, which would only heighten the
The whole business is a matter of indifference to me, along with the clamor and
opinion of all persons. So nothing can happen to me. In any event, I applied the
strongest means available outside of the courts, threatening in particular with a
break of relations. By the way, M. really is preferable to me than Lenard & Wien.
For the latter cause problems for love of making a
and the former only in
order to earn money (which really is more reasonable and better). I shall live
through all that awaits me like an uninvolved spectator and not let myself be agi-
tated anymore as in [Bad]
It is completely incomprehensible to me that
I could have so utterly lost my sense of humor in such bad company. Yesterday
Lorentz spoke about your lattice equilibriums in his
I was also in there!
Such an admirable person!
Cordial regards to you and your wife.
I am having a nice time here in Leyden. Weiss & Langevin are
183. To Elsa Einstein
[Leyden,] Tuesday. [26 October 1920]
Dear Else,
It’s grand
I’ve been living all week with Kamerlingh Onnes’s brother, an
excellent painter who lives in a fabulously furnished home, has a son, who is also
a heaven-blessed painter, two very nice daughters and, it goes without saying, a
dear, considerate
This displacement is because the two Russians are living
at Ehrenfest’s, and Weiss and Langevin at
The latter [Langevin], whom
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