2 7 4 D O C U M E N T 3 4 4 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 2 (3) Can you recount from personal experience or from that of closer acquain- tances how the new conditions influence the real income, health, and physical and mental working efficiency of manual laborers as well as intellectual workers? (4) Does the devastating tension noticeable in German political life and engen- dering the many political assassinations[3] arise from the desperation caused by this new pauperization? (5) Some of us have constantly suspected since the German revolution that the policy by the Entente created an intolerably heavy toll on the republic. Is this your personal diagnosis of the problems troubling the republic? (6) I encountered the greatest fear among prudent Germans of the consequences of any sudden stabilization of the mark, regarding joblessness and commerce. Are you of the opinion that this obvious danger would be reduced if German statesmen and German experts were appointed as equals to all future European consultations about economic and political issues of concern to us all? (7) TheNew Leader supports the belief that social service rather than the desire for profit and gain has to be the motivation of all productive work if culture is to be saved. It seems to us that the mentality and experience of scientists must spur us on in this. It would be extremely stimulating for us to learn about your views on this important issue. I believe I may say in the name of all those who will probably read The New Leader that we, indeed, a much broader public in the entire civilized world, will feel gratefully obliged if you were so generous as to find the time to answer these very important questions. In utmost respect, yours truly, H. N. Brailsford Publisher. 344. From Jacques Loeb The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York 66th Street and Avenue A Marine Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. September 4, 1922 My dear Professor Einstein: It was extremely kind of you to take the trouble of reading my book and to write to me in such an appreciative way.[1] The reason why the protein molecule only acts as acid or as base is difficult to explain, except that it is a fact as far as gelatin and proteins in general are concerned. I have ventured to explain it in analogy with the experiences on indicators which have shown that the chromophore group of indi- cators undergoes a tautomeric change at a definite hydrogen ion concentration. As
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