8 6 D O C U M E N T 7 0 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 mentioned in my letter.[2] In the endeavor gradually to repair the harm from this war, one should not allow oneself be confused by petty considerations and— you and your colleagues did not let yourselves be confused, either.[3] Hence I declare myself willing to come if you have not already chosen another person. But even in case this has already happened, I do feel the need to document by this letter my goodwill and my—courage. If something should come of this matter, I would come in the first half of April. The language, however, will certainly cause me some trou- ble. But I do prefer to develop the material freely rather than read from something written. The formulas do help a lot and a kindly fellow professional will serve as prompter and pull out the words that get stuck in my throat. Albeit, it would per- haps have been nicer and more productive if we had made it a kind of mini relativity congress in which I would only have had to answer questions my limited language ability would have disturbed less than it does in a more or less complete exposition of the theory. I can imagine, however, that the foundation statutes might bind you to a particular mode.[4] Cordial regards, yours, A. Einstein. 70. From Paul Langevin Paris, 10b Boulevard de Port-Royal, 8 March 1922 My Dear Friend, By accepting the invitation of the Collège de France, you made me very happy.[1] You understood, and your colleagues will certainly understand, what this gesture signifies, by which we wish not only to pay deserved homage to you per- sonally and to your ideas but also to reopen the way to improved relations that the uppermost interests of the intellect demand. By accepting, you are doing a great service to the cause of the work reuniting us all. You will receive an official letter from Mr. Croiset, the administrator of the Collège,[2] whom I am about to see and who was very disappointed about your refusal last week. Our students and their professors will be on vacation for Easter from the 9th to the 24th of the month of April. Best would be if you could come in the final days of March to stay here for about ten days and have four or five meetings with a day’s interval each time so as not to subject you to too much fatigue. By coming on the 28th or 29th of March you would have the necessary time. I think I can arrange things in the form you wish, as discussions under your direction.[3] If you like, after having confirmed this option, I shall submit to you
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