D O C U M E N T 2 4 3 J U N E 1 9 2 2 1 9 9 N.B. The photos arrived shortly before Mama’s departure, so we forgot to write. I send you many greetings, yours, Teddy 243. From Hans Albert Einstein [Zurich,] 21 June [1922] Dear Papa, Your letter just arrived.[1] Now, we should first see how we can settle the bus[iness] part. Please do send us another one of those letters for the German consulate.[2] Now then: What’s the story with your newest honorary office?[3] I think it would make no sense for us to come to Berlin if you have to go to Geneva just 8 days later. I think, if you could somehow find out when the meeting starts, do let us know and then something else should simply be planned for the vacation. In any case, I’ll only go to the consulate when I’ve got your advice and the note in question. So, our vacation starts on Monday, 17 July, but we might be able to leave as soon as Saturday. Will [Anna] be able to make it again, incidentally?[4] I’ll see to it that she comes! We’re all wild about the vacation. Please write us so that we can finish up the preparations in time. Many greetings from Adn. N. B. If you happen to have to go to Geneva precisely during the vacation, I think it makes no sense at all then for us to travel first to Berlin it would probably then be best if you stayed here before or afterwards. For it seems that the costs of trav- eling there now have grown noticeably, whereas you have to take the trip to Geneva anyway. Moreover, it’s vacation time here then and most “social obligations” fall flat in the water (or as we say, into H2O). Hoping for the castle!![5] Let’s let the League of Nations be the League of Nations. 244. From Max(?) Kreutzer[1] Berlin, 23 June 1922 [Not selected for translation.]
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