2 2 4 D O C U M E N T 2 9 0 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 arbitrariness in the interpretation.[2] One would have to interpret as the mo- mentum, according to the equations of motion. Hence, for the case of rest , therefore, in spacial infinity the quantity as the mass, which is a finite limit. Amicable regards, yours. 290. From Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe Hamburg, 15 July 1922 Dear, esteemed Professor Einstein, I am writing you from Hamburg where we are staying with my wife’s[1] parents for Sunday. Too bad that nothing will come of the sleepy house with the wild garden for you [2] my opinion is that you are painting things too black Kiel residents—the well-to-do ones, I mean—surely would not find anything objectionable about the purchase, and among the working class, which is quite heavily represented here, there would certainly not be anything to worry about from the elements you pointed out. My workers in the factory, for ex., are so attached to me that it really is not say- ing too much if I declare I am perfectly sure of them they are always on my side, even on matters that do not agree with the union. The announcement about the so- c[alled] murderer flag came after the fact, it had not been there just a couple of days before the article evidently originated from the left-wing radicals at the wharf, pre- sumably from the Reichswerft my workers keep well away from that sort of business.[3] And once again, too bad that you cannot come and visit us with your boys. Please do tell them that we are expecting them in Lautrach[4] in the fall they should inform us in time our address is, as of September: town of Lautrach (near Mem- mingen), manor house. Then there is also the happy news that the suit was won as brilliantly in the sec- ond instance as in the first a good part of it is due to your contribution.[5] I am now looking elsewhere for a nice dreamy house I shall find something, all right there still is time before next summer maybe it isn’t all that senseless as an interim arrangement, considering that your wife is finding it so hard to separate herself from Berlin, if we furnish you with very romantic temporary quarters over m-------- dxν ds m C 1 2 Br1 ε -------------- -– ---------------------------------------- dxν dx0 v 1 3 –= m C --- -
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