2 8 8 D O C U M E N T S 3 6 5 , 3 6 6 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 2 364. From Max Wertheimer [Prague, 19 September 1922] [Not selected for translation.] 365. To Svante Arrhenius Berlin, 20 September 1922 Esteemed Colleague, I thank you cordially for your letter.[1] I am taking the trip to Japan on the basis of an invitation issued from there. No unpleasant circumstances prompted me to accept this invitation, rather the persuasion not to let this opportunity to acquaint myself with such interesting countries slip by. As I am contractually bound with Japan, it is completely impossible for me to postpone the voyage further. I am going to be back in Europe in March. Hoping that thus my proposed invitation to Sweden would only be delayed, not canceled,[2] I am, with best wishes and greetings, very sincerely yours, A. Einstein. P.S.[3] I would be pleased if I could still shake your hand before my departure at the beginning of next week. It would be best if you could visit me on the occasion of your passing through.[4] I would, however, also gladly meet you wherever is con- venient to you, if I can still somehow manage to arrange it. 366. To Hans Reichenbach Wednesday [20 September 1922] Dear Mr. Reichenbach, Although I am at the point of leaving, I would be very pleased if you told me a little about the progress you are making in the axiomatic analysis.[1] On Saturday would be most preferable to me. On Monday I am not sure anymore whether I shall still be here. Best regards, yours, A. Einstein.
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