D O C U M E N T S 7 , 8 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 2 7 7. From Hedwig Born [Göttingen,] 7 January 1922 Dear Mr. Einstein, First of all, heartfelt thanks to you and your wife for the New Year’s greeting to us that exuded such friendly warmth![1] May all your wishes be multiply fulfilled.– I hurried over to Hilbert with your postcard[2] from today, who at first hardly wanted to believe that you were really coming and then was enormously pleased.[3] He asks me to write you to definitely be here on his birthday, Monday the 23rd, and to appear among the large circle of guests in the evening. The talk could then take place on Tuesday, at a time to be determined by you. I hope you won’t just flash by so meteorically but will be our guest for a couple of days. You should see how “nourishing” living here is and should get all kinds of light things to eat. If your wife feels like coming along, she is cordially invited and heartily welcome. Max is visiting Blaschke today and tomorrow, who is unfortunately feeling very unwell.[4] Perhaps you will also delight him with another visit? It just should not look too improvised. Warm regards to you and yours, from your Hedi Born 8. From Paul Ehrenfest On the homeward trip Christiania–Copenhagen. 8 January 1922 Dear Einstein, I took (together with Tanichka and van Aardenne)[1] a magnificent trip: Christi- ania (where the Goldschmidts had much to tell me about you)[2] and then into the mountain snow—Tofte (Gudbrandsdalen)[3] —on my way back now, unfortunately a little over-hastily.– It is easily possible that in the coming months I will be needing your very strong personal support (not in the material sense but purely in moral respects). = : = In connection with a circular invitation that various physicists have now received about collaborating on a publication in honor of Lenard, I would like to ask you please to let me know immediately at Bohr’s address whether you also have been invited to do so.[4] Warm regards to you and all your family, yours, P. Ehrenfest
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