1 1 0 D O C U M E N T 1 0 0 M A R C H 1 9 2 2
100. From Mileva Einstein-Maric
[Zurich, around 21 March
Dear Albert,
I have a few comments about your last letters to our
and otherwise also
have a few things on my mind; that’s why I have to write you these few lines; I hope
you won’t be cross. Your repeated invitations to the children for the summer vaca-
tion heartily please us all, I just have to point out again that I consider that kind of
vacation extremely risky for Albert. Right after the vacation he has to take his final
exams and should use this vacation thoroughly for
Without wanting to
criticize Albert, I do have to say that, left to his own devices, he would certainly not
work enough and it would be extremely annoying if he did not pass this exam; for
us considerably more than for others, for you can imagine how longingly I wait for
my older boy, at least, to stand on his own two feet. Surely you understand me well.
Albert is good and industrious with subjects that interest him, but he is a bit difficult
to win over for subjects he doesn’t like and the finals include a variety of the latter
Wouldn’t it perhaps be possible to arrange something a meeting during the
spring break? I would very much prefer this also for another reason. A few days
ago I received the news that my father
who herself is old and
weak and is now all alone, asks me to visit her as soon as possible and help her
arrange a few things. During the last few years my parents were living in shocking
misery. My sister, who has occasionally been suffering from serious mental disor-
der for some years, turned their lives into hell and abused
during the war
they had lost an important portion of their wealth and, considering the current cost,
were anyway unable to put her in an institution. Only now, with the death notice,
did I receive the report that Zora is in an institution.—I write you all this only so
that you understand how infinitely heavy my heart is. Not just that I myself am
completely alone here and have no one to lean on, but those who were closest to
me are themselves deeply unhappy. Sometimes I have to think that, despite every-
thing, you would probably be the first to give me a little more personal support in
this if only you knew how depressed and sad I am.
If traveling conditions there weren’t so difficult, I would really like to take the
children with me; I could, of course, also accommodate them well here. But if you
could arrange to spend this vacation somewhere with them, they would enjoy it at
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