3 2 6 D O C U M E N T 3 8 0 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 2 glowing colors. Little gardens with views near synagogue. Magnificent fresco by El Greco in small church (burial of a nobleman) is among the profoundest images I have ever seen.[264] Wonderful day. 7th. 12 o’clock audience with the King and Queen Mother. The latter demon- strates her science. One notices that no one tells her what they think. The king, sim- ple and worthy, I admire him for his manner. Afternoon, third university lecture devout public that could surely understand virtually nothing because the latest problems were being discussed. In the evening, great reception at the German envoy’s. Envoy & family magnificent, modest people.[265] Socializing as punishing as always. 8th. Honorary doctorate. Truly Spanish speeches with associated Bengali fire. Long but good in content by the envoy about Germano-Spanish relations but in genuine German. Nothing rhetorical. Evening Then visit with the techn. students. Speeches and nothing but speeches, but meant well. Evening talk. Then music making at Kuno’s. A professional (director of the conservatory) Poras played violin exquisitely.[266] 9th. Excursion to mountains and Escorial. Glorious day. Evening reception in the student residence with talks by Ortega and me.[267] 10th. Prado (mainly looked at paintings by Vélasquez and El Greco). Good-bye visits. Meal at the German envoy’s. Evening with Lina and the Ullmanns in primi- tive little dancing establishment.[268] Merry evening. 11th. Prado (splendid masterpieces by Goya, Raphael, Fra Angelico).[269] 12th. Trip to Zaragoza.[270] 380. From Chaim Weizmann London, W. C. 1, 77 Great Russell Street, 6 October 1922 Dear Professor Einstein, I am sorry to trouble you again about The New Palestine, but I find the book is now going to press. All the contributions, with the exception of two, have been received, and I should be very grateful if you would be kind enough to give me some idea when it would be possible for you to let me have yours,[1] so that I may inform the publishers. I need hardly say how much I appreciate your kindness in contributing. With kind regards, yours very sincerely, Ch. Weizmann [p. 41] [p. 41v]
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