D O C U M E N T 9 5 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 1 0 7
If the next 3–4 days will only pass without pericarditis, then I could probably
breathe easily again.
You are right; vexatious politics spoils so many thoughts and relationships that
of themselves are so good and positive; I think, even in the public interest, we shall
soon come far enough along to judge bad day-to-day experiences on a higher level.
At the moment it upsets me so much that I shut my eyes and ears up against all that
ugliness coming from politics. It is probably not quite right but I can’t do otherwise.
Aside from the next worrisome days that are full of anxiety and hope, I take plea-
sure in my work. The new compass is growing like an organism reshaping itself
according to its purpose. Platinum and carbon withstand stress in water, likewise
rubber and
And one can work quite well with these materials as building
However much it would please me if you gave me and the work here a few days,
I would like to emphasize that you are free from any kind of obligation; as I already
said to you before, I have far too much respect for your work; but it would be nice
and it would delight me and my wife if you came. It is possible that Sommerfeld
will be returning from his trip to Spain, which he is beginning on the 22nd of this
mo., via Hamburg; then he will be visiting us here in ca. 4 weeks. Perhaps you
would like to be present then as well?
Then you could certify your electromagnetic experiment with your own
I am currently having a new coil wound that consists only out of 0.5 copper wire
and insulation. The last one still had bronze bearings that were disturbing.
And by then I hope all the worries about my wife will have vanished again.
Most cordial regards to you and your wife, yours,
P. S. The mailing to Switzerland for April 1st is already on its
95. To Michele Besso
20 March [1922]
Dear Michele,
I spoke with Professor
the director of the K[aiser] W[ilhelm] Inst. for
He promised assistance, esp. in testing thus manuf.
He thought that little could be done with a general patent if it is not known for
which specialties the process was of marketable use. For very loose fabrics, mate-
rial costs play a minor role. He said only practically tested items are exploitable.
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