D O C U M E N T S 2 3 6 , 2 3 7 J U N E 1 9 2 2 1 9 5 Translation of the German draft: The book by Thirring is one of the best executed popular descriptions of the theory. The appended diagram about the independent guiding ideas of the theory and the ways and means by which they are brought into relation with each other by the theory is particularly felicitous. 235. From Emile Borel Paris, 14 June 1922 [Not selected for translation.] 236. From Max Born Göttingen, 16 June 1922 Dear Einstein, Already long while ago, a manuscript by Guillaume[1] was forwarded to me by Debye for a decision on its inclusion in the Physikalische Zeitschrift.[2] As refer- ence is made therein to your Parisian lecture,[3] I did not want to print the paper right off, preferring first to get your approval. At the time, I wrote Debye about whether he agreed to this however, as so frequently with him, I received no answer. Now Mr. Guillaume is complaining about the delay in the acceptance. I send you the paper now on my own authority with the request that you tell me whether I should print it, resp. whether you would like to add any comments that I could print along with it at the same time.[4] After such a long prior delay, please do settle this matter quickly. Bohr and a thousand other physicists are here.[5] There is bustling activity and it is quite straining, especially since we Göttingers must continue to give our lectures and conduct our administrative business. That is why I make it brief and remain, with best regards between our households, yours, Born. 237. To Max Born [Berlin, on or after 16 June 1922][1] Dear Born, Guillaume is deranged and also got completely carried away in Paris.[2] I already put much effort into convincing him,[3] just as did Langevin. It’s all futile. There’s
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