3 4 0 D O C U M E N T S 3 9 3 , 3 9 5 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 2 We would be pleased if you could inform us of the day of your arrival in China. We shall make the necessary preparations to make your travels as untroublesome as possible. Respectfully, J. P. Tsai, rector of the National University of Peking, and at the same time in the name of the following institutions:[2] 393. To Bansui Tsuchii (Doi) Nikko, 9 December 1922[1] Esteemed Mr. Tsuchii, Through your personality, the wonderful book with the sketches of Hokusai, your Italian poem, and the poem published in the newspaper, you gave me inde- scribable pleasure.[2] I shall always cherish everything I have by you as a precious souvenir of a high-ranking Japanese artist and will look at them again and again. This visit in your very pleasing country, so highly developed artistically and humanly, is to me one of the finest experiences of my life. Accept my cordial thanks, and friendly greetings from your A. Einstein. 394. Preface for the Japanese edition of Georg Nicolai’s Biologie des Krieges[1] [Kyoto, 10 December 1922][2] [Not selected for translation.] 395. To Heinrich Zangger Nagoya, 11 December [1922] Dear Zangger, Here I sit with Hashida in Nagoya,[1] where we are thinking of you. Until you have been in Japan, you will never know where real human beings are to be found and what they look like. Cordial regards, yours, A. Einstein.
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