D O C U M E N T S 9 8 , 9 9 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 1 0 9
P.S. Mrs. Ménard-Dorian is very aggrieved that you will not be staying with her.
She has a charming house and she herself is an élite woman who knows how to
spend her great fortune without offending the democratic
98. From Leo Jolowicz[1]
Leipzig, 20 March 1922
Highly esteemed Professor,
Dr. Löwe is out of
Perhaps you could mark the items in the enclosed cat-
alog that you consider important for “Jerusalem” University; I shall be happy to
At the same time, I cord[ially] request of you, esteemed Professor, the address
or the name of your young collaborator who is supposed to bring your relativity
theory up-to-date
If you do not know his address, then just give us his
name; we will then find out the address, all right.
Best compliments & many
yours very sincerely,
Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Leo Jolowicz.
99. From Paul Langevin
Paris, 20 March 1922
My dear Friend,
We are all overjoyed at the idea of soon having you here; I am busy organizing
the meetings of the Collège for the dates I indicated to
I transmit in attachment a letter by Mr. Xavier Léon on the subject of the meeting
that he requests of you for the Société Française de Philosophie on 6
would be pleased if you could give him a title for publication to open the dialogue,
and a few lines of “theses” as an agenda. If the planned invitations are convenient
for you, would you please immediately reserve the following dates:
Saturday, 1st April for lunch at Sir Thomas Barclay’s (at noon).
Sunday, 2 April for lunch in Boulogne on the Tour du Monde premises (noon).
Wednesday, 5 April for dinner (7 o’clock) at the home of Mr.
I think I have reserved
for a program of discussions acceptable to
some colleagues and will submit it to you directly.
See you soon, and most affectionately yours,
P. Langevin.
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