2 8 D O C U M E N T S 9 , 1 0 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2
9. To Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe[1]
[Berlin,] 9 January 1922
Dear Mr. Anschütz,
So you really meant seriously to what you alluded, as I see from a message by
I regard this more as a gift, not as anything merited by me and feel
obliged to tell you explicitly that I view that statement by you as the expression of
a fleeting emotion but not as an agreement, especially considering that the times
are boding even more ill economically. I welcome the conversion to water filling,
as no significant solid residue accumulates from the electrolysis. If only we suc-
ceed in making the electrodes sufficiently
Wouldn’t an isolating layer
with large capacity come into consideration for them?
I am curious about Mr. Schuler’s results. Even if nothing is likely to come of it,
a positive result would be hugely interesting; so an attempt very certainly does
seem justified. About the how, I and Dr. Schuler are in
The light
experiment is finished now, with a securely negative result. The undulatory theory
is therefore certainly refuted in the very area of
Do tell Mr. Sommerfeld
about it, who had been expecting the opposite result full of
It is a noble deed of yours to create the vacation
We shall see that we
visit you there during the summer, if only for a short while. Albert has to cram for
his finals during the summer
With best wishes to both of you for the year 1922 from me and my wife and with
cordial greetings, I am yours,
A. Einstein.
10. To Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn
[Berlin,] 9 January 1922
Dear Sir,
By the same post, registered, I send you the manuscript of my Princeton lectures
with the request that it be printed as soon as
Because no individual
headings could be attached so as not to interfere with the style of a lecture, I have
a few additions to make in the form of marginalia to facilitate orientation. For this
reason I ask you please to leave room for these marginalia not only on the correc-
tion proofs but also in the booklet itself. Furthermore, please send me a number of
copies of the correction proofs so that I can give them to the
cation of this booklet in Germany can only take place after the issuance in America,
of course. Consequently, I request that you await my instructions in this regard.
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