D O C U M E N T S 3 6 7 , 3 6 8 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 2 2 8 9 367. To Carl Beck [Berlin,] 22 September 1922 Dear Dr. Beck, Unfortunately the rescue of the Fatherland once again has come to naught. 300 billion Goldmark equals 70 billion dollars.[1] It would therefore require 70,000 photographs, each of which is worth $1,000,000! We, I am sorry to say, only made the mistake of 3 decimal points, which shows in what an enjoyable mood the cham- pagne put us. A cheery goodbye. With friendliest greetings, yours, A. Einstein. 368. To Jacques Loeb [Berlin,] 22 September 1922 Highly esteemed Prof. Loeb, I think I now understand the either/or behavior (acidic or basic) very simply according to your theory.[1] As colloids are supposed to be very weak acids and bases, the molecules can only separate a considerable number of H+’s when the H+ concentration in the solution is substantially lower than in pure water. Likewise, the OH− separation will be connected with a minuscule concentration of OH− in the solution. Both conditions cannot be satisfied at the same time because of the equi- librium condition This interpretation still has its problems, though, because one does not quite under- stand why [both] these colloids should work in pure water. Circumstances here are indeed very unpleasant because a spirit of intolerance and close-mindedness dominates among local intellectuals. Yet I am not suffering under it because I am largely unattached to people and think nothing of their opin- ions and conduct. Even materially, I am largely independent in that the compensa- tion I receive from the Academy is practically insignificant, so I can dispense with it without any upset to my equanimity. My personal endangerment is probably not as bad as the papers described it. So—excepting my extremely interesting voyage to Japan, which I am embarking on in a few days—I am considering staying calmly put. I thank you wholeheartedly for your repeated generous offer [2] if really seri- ous problems should arise, I will gratefully and hopefully return to it. C H + C OH + const. =
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