3 2 8 D O C U M E N T S 3 8 3 3 8 5 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 2 383. From Richard B. Haldane Westminster, 23 Queen Anne’s Gate, 23 October 1922 Dear and esteemed Professor, Negotiations with your government need time. But now I have personally visited the Foreign Office and also the Ministry of Finance.[1] The idea of a plan analogous to the one by Mr. Arnold Rechberg is not entirely [new]. Cecil Rhodes presented the concept to the Kaiser many years before the war. It has its merits. But problems stand in the way of a rapid advance along such lines. [Something] quicker [would be] necessary. I submit to you for private use a letter I received from Sir Basil Blackett. He is the “permanent adviser about the Reparations procedure” of the Treasury here. You shall see best what his opinion is when you read [his] own words.[2] In any event, it is only good that the idea be before the government in London by virtue of the importance of your name. I shall disregard the further developments. Most devotedly yours, Haldane. 384. From Christopher Aurivillius[1] Stockholm, 10 November [1922] nobel prize for physics granted you more by letter[2] Aurivillius. 385. From Christopher Aurivillius Stockholm, 10 November 1922 Highly esteemed Professor, As I already informed you by telegram,[1] during the meeting held yesterday the Roy. [Swedish] Academy of Sciences chose to award you with the previous year’s
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