1 8 6 D O C U M E N T 2 3 0 J U N E 1 9 2 2 228. Address to the German-French Peace Meeting [Einstein 1922h] Presented 11 June 1922[1] Published 1922 In: Die Brücke über den Abgrund. Für die Verständigung zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich. Bericht über den Besuch der „Französischen Liga für Menschenrechte“ in Ber- lin und im Ruhrgebiet. Otto Lehmann-Russbüldt, ed. Berlin: Bund Neues Vaterland, 1922, pp. 13–14.[2] [Not selected for translation.] 229. From Aarau Cantonal School Class of 1897 [Aarau,] 11 June 1922 [Not selected for translation.] 230. From Wilhelm Westphal[1] Zehlendorf, 12 June 1922 Esteemed Professor, A while ago I established contacts with local representatives of the Russian Committee for the Improvement of the Situation of Scholars, particularly with Mr. Maxim Gorki,[2] who is currently here. These gentlemen have a plan that I find very reasonable and would like to interest you in as well. The intention is to give more substantial form to the already existing informal Organization in Support of Rus- sian Scholars. Specifically, a hostel for Russian scholars is supposed to be created, in which they can find lodging and counsel, etc., during their sojourns in Berlin: a kind of intellectual center for Russian scholars in Berlin. In moral support of this and other endeavors later to be further specified (but entirely apolitical!!), a com- mittee composed essentially of Germans would have to be formed to advise the Russians and also to legitimize them here in Germany. I declared my willingness to join this as yet unborn committee. I would consider it an exceptional promotion
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