1 6 0 D O C U M E N T 1 7 8 M A Y 1 9 2 2 already paid it out.[2] Under these circumstances, I take the liberty of submitting to you the following proposal regarding my compensation: 1) 1,000 American dollars 2) payment of the travel costs Tokyo–Peking, Peking–Hong Kong, as well as the hotel costs in Peking, both for me and my wife. In the hope that you will understand my way of dealing with this and will approve of it, I am most respectfully and sincerely yours 178. To Elsa Einstein Thursday [Leyden, 4 May 1922][1] Dear Else, My conscience is pretty rotten. For I haven’t written to you since Saturday. I’m feeling very well and it’s a true rest here, thanks to Ehrenfest Cerberus. The trick simply is not to let one thing follow another, instead you have a feeling of free will. That’s what’s missing in Berlin. There is much thinking and working going on in the process and music making as well. Mrs. Ehrenfest[2] conveys her kind thanks for the purse. It took some persuasion to put the brooch on Tatya,[3] but I managed. I’m not going to extend my stay longer than 14 days, returning rather around Sun- day in 8 days. I’m still going to see Lorentz.[4] Zeemann will be performing an experiment I thought up [5] I’m very pleased about that. I hope all is well with you, despite my not having received any sign of life from you yet. This evening I’m going to be listening to a historian about the occultist wave that is now going around the world.[6] Tomorrow, a physical chemist is coming from England to give a lecture.[7] Then, I plan to invite the children[8] to the seaside. We already played some music with the young Onnes.[9] Today I wrote to the Englishman about the Hamilton edition.[10] I just sent about half a dozen frogs to Kuno,[11] contrary to your view, because I’m not going to be coming here for a long while. We mostly have fine weather it’s windy but not cold. I’m very enthusiastic about the sailboat.[12] Did you have a look at it already with my friend K[atzenstein]?[13] Ehrenfest has been depressed these last few days but perked up again. I’m good medicine for him and he is dear company for me. Heartfelt greetings to all from your Albert.
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