2 0 0 D O C U M E N T S 2 4 5 , 2 4 6 J U N E 1 9 2 2 245. To Mathilde Rathenau[1] [Berlin, after 24 June 1922][2] Esteemed Mrs. Rathenau, Without knowing you personally, I feel compelled to extend my hand to you in the face of terrible misfortune.[3] I became acquainted with this splendid person four years ago and the longer I knew him, the more his mind and personality grew in my eyes.[4] If there can be some consolation, it is that your son is one of the great personalities whose influence stems from their works and extends far beyond their corporeal existence. He will be recorded in the book of history not just as a great comprehender and mover but also as one of the great Jewish figures to offer up their lives to the ethical ideal of reconciliation among peoples. I share from my heart in your deepest sorrow, as I myself feel the separation from him as an irreplaceable loss. In expression of my warm sympathy, yours, A. Einstein. 246. From Hans Albert Einstein [Zurich, after 24 June 1922] Dear Papa, I’ve been longingly waiting the whole time for an answer from you. It appears you didn’t get Mama’s letter. It’s about this: I looked through “the program” from the poly[technics] in Munich and here and found as a requirement in both c. 6 months praxis before or during the period of study.[2] Thereupon all reason for me not to travel with you to Japan was gone, because then I could go to Kiel in the summer to do my praxis.[3] Well, Mama already wrote about that. In short, under these conditions, if possible, please do take me along. In any case, please inform me of your decision as quickly as possible because I otherwise have to register myself somewhere. The school leaving exam keeps me quite busy, essays are becoming due now, one after another. Incidentally, about those two accursed stars, I continued the calculations and found everything posi- tioned as would be expected, i. e., they just remain on the plane of the picture, that is, observed from Zurich, until some cause comes along. So all’s well. I hope you’re well, too. Many greetings Adn.
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