3 6 D O C U M E N T 1 6 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2
send me reprints of your papers since January 1918, perhaps also the reprinting at
Teubner’s of your major papers on the general theory of
I need them
most urgently because I have to forward them from Vienna and must have them on
hand before February 1st. Please do not postpone this
I was unfortu-
nately unable to write earlier because I was sick.
I take this opportunity to ask you most kindly to send me a personal reference
about the private lecturer and titular professor, Dr. Friedrich
A number
of Viennese gentlemen,
and I among them, intend to nominate the
above-named ad personam as extraordinary professor of mathematical physics at
our university. Considering that under the present precarious financial conditions
such a proposal to the Ministry requires strong backing, an opinion from your quar-
ters would be extremely valuable. I recall with pleasure those words you said about
Kottler to me and
during your last Viennese stay.
In once again expressing, in the name of my
as well as my own, the hope
of seeing you and perhaps also your spouse at our home for a longer stay, I am, in
pleasant anticipation of getting a message from you very soon, with best wishes,
yours very truly,
16. To Maurice Solovine[1]
Berlin, 14 January 1922
Dear Solovine,
Much work and an aversion to book-writing make it impossible for me to write
what you
Soon you will receive my Princeton
That edition has
to wait, though, until the same has appeared in America. Conditions for the pub-
lisher: 20% of the retail price, thereof you get 5%, I the remainder.
With cordial regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
D[ear] S[olovine], best would be if you wrote Mrs. Untermyer in English so that
she sees that you can do
But you also have to tell her that you can do better
in German and French. You also have to say that we spent much time together as
young men and studied
Self-assured forthrightness is necessary every-
where in America, otherwise you don’t get anything paid for and are looked down
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