D O C U M E N T S 3 9 6 , 3 9 7 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 2 3 4 1
396. From Henrik Sederholm and Knut A. Posse[1]
Nobel Foundation, Stockholm G, 6 Norlandagatan, 11 December 1922
Highly esteemed Professor,
As the Roy. Academy of Sciences already informed you, it bestowed on you the
physics Nobel Prize for 1921, for conferral during the formal award ceremony on
10 December of this
In view of your sojourn in the Far East, through which you were unfortunately
prevented from appearing for the awards, we found it appropriate to deposit the
prize amount, 121,572.54 Swedish kronor, at the local Stockholmer Enskilda Bank
into an account with a 14-day mutual termination notice, into which account inter-
est at the highest rate valid for deposit accounts is
This interest rate is presently 3% p[er] a[nnum].
In the enclosed we submit to you the bank’s receipt for this
We are storing for you until further notice the prize medal in gold as well as the
prize certificate bestowed on you at the same time in your account, and ask you
please to inform us when and to which address you wish to have these objects sent.
Looking forward to your kd. acknowledgment of receipt of the bank receipt, we
sign in great respect, for the Nobel Foundation,
H. Sederholm
K. Bosse.
397. To Sanehiko Yamamoto
Kyoto, 12 December 1922
Esteemed Mr. Yamamoto,
Under the influence of the great services you are doing by reason of my and my
wife’s presence in Japan, I consider it an absolute duty to inform you of the follow-
ing. The
is leaving from Moji in only 16 days and in the interim I have noth-
ing for you to do. So I feel it is unfair of me to have us impose upon Mr. Inagaki
and his wife during this
Much as I love them both, I ask you please, in
order to relieve my conscience, to leave my wife and me alone in Kyoto during this
quiet period. You are truly doing enough for us by making possible for us such a
long stay in this wonderful city. I also ask you please not to have anyone travel to
Fukuoka and Moji as a pure personal favor to us.
On this occasion I would like to give expression to my profound need to thank
you for giving us a chance to see this wonderful country and for having made life
so nice for us throughout in such a generous and caring manner.
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